. Sell us your iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung, Nextel or other cell phone models. PaceButler makes it simple to turn old cell phones into cash.

We make it simple tosell your used cell phones! Turn your old, used cell phones into cash by completing these 3 easy steps. Start this no-obligation process NOW by filling out the form to the right.

We offer thefastest paymentanywhere, usually within 2 business days of receiving your used cell phones!Rewarding!

Byrecycling your cell phone, you not only get paid*, but take a positive stand against the toxic chemical components in discarded phones that often end up in landfills, polluting our air and ground water. (*Some cell phones have no value.)

Send a Message to the CEO of PaceButler – Tom Pace

PaceButler is simply easy to work with. Send them your cell phones and they will send you your check based on their listed price.

We pay up to $300 per phone and your check will be cut within 2 business days of receiving your cell phones.Raise Funds for

A simple, fast and easy fundraiser for your organization. We supply a collection kit and promotional materials to make your efforts a success!Donate Your Used Cell Phones to Charity

Established 1987, PaceButler Corporation will pay you for recycling cell phones. Webuy usedphones and provide fast payment.

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